Drive I-5 experiment

I-5 is an important trade route in the Western USA. Learn how to program software for an autonomous vehicle smart enough to deliver goods and travelers to destinations from Mexico to Canada. Test your software by building a simple robot. This is a great STEM project for youth to experience in the AI Lab

Follow these step-by-step instructions: Drive I-5

Learn GPS math

Assume your AV will charge up to 80% capacity. Learn how to use the Haversine method for computing the distance between GPS coordinates to find EV charging stations along I-5

Get started making predictions

Program a simple onboard scheduler

In the real world, autonomous vehicles gather environment sensor readings along with vehicle health data and driving time. They use this to predict their next EV charging stop so they can reserve their spot. In our simple example, we predict our schedule based on driving time.


This tutorial is your on-ramp to learn basic programming skills used by professionals. Start your engines by solving a real-world challenge faced by automobile manufacturers. Build a simple Raspberry Pi robot using powerful Python scripts. Get started using Pandas for data science. Learn how to present data using Folium or Google charts. Try out Google Text-to-Speech so your robot can talk. Build a simple website using Nginx, HTML, CSS, and PHP. Setup IFTTT messages so your robot can text. Setup a Zap so your robot can Tweet

Step-by-step DIY instructions

Teachers, we will happily work with you to customize lesson plans to add Drive I-5 to your STEM curriculum for students ages 8 years old and up. We can co-teach alongside you while providing technical support in the classroom or via Zoom.

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