Civics & Covid-19 updates as of 07/20/2021

On August 28, 2020, California announced a 4 tier plan for living with Covid-19. Counties must report new cases per 100,000 residents for a 7-day average plus the percentage of people testing positive. The 4 tiers include:

 7 cases per 100,000/day plus > 8% positive 

 4-7 cases per 100,000/day plus 5%-8% positive 

 1-3.9 cases per 100,000/day plus 2%-4.9% positive 

 < 1 case per 100,000/day plus < 2% positive 

A county remains in a tier for a minimum of 3 weeks except as of September 8, 2020 purple counties can downgrade if they meet lower criteria for one more week

This map only shows new cases per 100,000 people. Click here for the official map. Click here for details about computing tiers We are working to add the percentage of county residents testing positive and to fix the color of Kings County

Daily averages for week ending 07-20-2021

per 100,000
001Alameda, California, US13
003Alpine, California, US0
005Amador, California, US7
007Butte, California, US6
009Calaveras, California, US8
011Colusa, California, US18
013Contra Costa, California, US15
015Del Norte, California, US10
017El Dorado, California, US10
019Fresno, California, US7
021Glenn, California, US3
023Humboldt, California, US11
025Imperial, California, US7
027Inyo, California, US1
029Kern, California, US6
031Kings, California, US11
033Lake, California, US29
035Lassen, California, US5
037Los Angeles, California, US15
039Madera, California, US6
041Marin, California, US8
043Mariposa, California, US4
045Mendocino, California, US12
047Merced, California, US14
049Modoc, California, US3
051Mono, California, US5
053Monterey, California, US4
055Napa, California, US7
057Nevada, California, US15
059Orange, California, US13
061Placer, California, US11
063Plumas, California, US13
065Riverside, California, US-5
067Sacramento, California, US13
069San Benito, California, US7
071San Bernardino, California, US12
073San Diego, California, US13
075San Francisco, California, US12
077San Joaquin, California, US15
079San Luis Obispo, California, US9
081San Mateo, California, US7
083Santa Barbara, California, US7
085Santa Clara, California, US7
087Santa Cruz, California, US3
089Shasta, California, US7
091Sierra, California, US8
093Siskiyou, California, US14
095Solano, California, US11
097Sonoma, California, US11
099Stanislaus, California, US14
101Sutter, California, US15
103Tehama, California, US5
105Trinity, California, US12
107Tulare, California, US2
109Tuolumne, California, US8
111Ventura, California, US7
113Yolo, California, US9
115Yuba, California, US21